Imagine if you could automate your dispatching, routing and live tracking. Imagine if your delivery business could run on auto-pilot... ...all while slashing costs, increasing efficiencies, delighting your customers and allowing you to spend more time growing your business...

Start a delivery service, manage multiple locations and drivers in no time. Create, Dispatch, Relax. Boom. It’s that easy

More than just a delivery software

For Managers

Reduce your delivery costs and increase your productivity. Always know where your drivers are and dispatch in just a sec.

For Drivers

Optimize your service and provide the right information to your drivers. Reduce delivery time.

For Customers

Offer an outstanding delivery experience and increase your number of deliveries. No more worried calls and unhappy customers.

Increase Loyalty

Notifications, SMS and tracking are branded with your name, logo and social networks. This Software makes people talk about you.

Smarter Deliveries

Accept only the right deliveries based on time to spend on the road and costs for your restaurant. Manage multiple delivery zones with various criteria.


Schedule your deliveries

Deliveries can be scheduled by your staff at the branch/depot or by your driver when he collects the day's deliveries. Deliveries can be scheduled for any date using our web browser application or our app.

Repeat deliveries can be set up in our web browser application so that regular deliveries can be automatically scheduled by the system.

Notify your customers with real-time delivery status updates

Configure a customised message to send to your customers by email or SMS when a delivery is scheduled or it's status is updated. Optional tracking links allow the customer to view the status of their delivery in real-time, including the estimated time of delivery. Our delivery app keeps the admin and customers informed about the progress of a delivery process. 'Picked', 'In transit' and 'Dropped' are the three statuses which gets updated into the tracking database in real-time as and when the deliverer changes it.

Automatic routing and navigation for your driver(Navigate the nearest way to the destination)

Deliveries are automatically sequenced to the optimal route (accounting for live traffic conditions) within the app when they are loaded onto the van. The driver can follow the suggested sequence or choose his own by viewing the interactive map within the app. Navigation to each delivery point by sat-nav is available using a third-party app of your choice.

Track your delivery drivers and daily deliveries in real-time

An interactive map within the web browser application allows the business owner or branch staff to view, in real-time, the last known location of any delivery van and the location and current status of each scheduled delivery.

Each scheduled delivery is represented by a colour-coded pin showing it's current status. Points where your delivery driver stopped for more than 5 minutes are highlighted. His route is also shown on the map.

Information delivered to your fingertips

Our delivery app is seamlessly connected across all the three user touchpoints (admin, deliverer, customer) to make sure all the notifications are received in real time. Delivery status, location status etc are informed to appropriate users via push notifications.

Have an eye on everything that happens

Admin control will have complete control over the order and delivery team. Once an order is received, admin has the liberty to assign a particular deliverer for picking the order, delegate bulk orders to a team and do much more.

The ultimate database of a deliverer

Deliverers who have signed up for the order fulfillment service of your business will have exclusive profiles with all official information pinned to it. Information on the total number of orders, pending orders, delivered orders can be accessed any time.

In-depth reporting of delivery performance

Pro Delivery Manager's reporting module allows managers to generate customised reports providing in-depth insight into comparative branch and delivery driver performance.
In addition, daily summary reports by email allow branch managers easily monitor the overall performance of their delivery service.

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