At Drushti, we understand the volatility of the Real Estate market. That's why our rock solid strategies are directed to generate quality leads through verified channel partners. We also manage your customer database, automate campaigns and create analytical reports for optimizing and improving marketing efforts.


Preliminary Analysis

Acquiring initial information on the position of a sector domestically and globally.


Analysis of the Political, Economic, Social, and Technical factors affecting the company.

Industry Trends

Acquiring information about current industry trends driving the market domestically and globally.


Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the company with regard to competition and the industry.

Defining Customer Journey

Defining digital journey of a user from trigger point to loyalty and elevating his digital experience.

Crafting Inbound Marketing Model for Customer Acquisition

Laying foundation for customer acquisition, data capturing and nurturing along with analysis of individual visitor’s behaviour to build user persona with the help of tools.

CRM Strengthening Strategy Through AIDA Model

Defining Top, Middle and Bottom of the Funnel and Processes in website through permission marketing and content linkage. This helps in turning anonymous visitors into known by monitoring their behaviour for effective marketing.

SEO Strategy

Getting to know the intent and needs of the consumers by studying the target audience. Building keyword strategy that resonates with the website content in order to display relevant pages in top ranks of search engines. Identification of gaps and opportunities and developing template for on-page and off-page SEO activities.

Social Media Strategy

Identifying relevant social media channels pertaining to the nature of business for developing an optimum marketing plan. Identification of most associated keywords and recommended marketing communication model by the means of Social Listening. Emphasizing on audience-engagement matrix to evaluate industry trends for identifying gaps and opportunities.

Comprehensive Content Strategy

Development of an optimum content strategy to shape the future content consumption and distribution. Segmentation of owned, earned, shared and paid media along with their intersection for effective marketing communication.

Lead Generation

Landing Pages and Forms

Creation of web page and forms to capture leads for further communication.

Lead Management

Lead Nurturing

Lead Activity and Monitoring Triggers

Tracking a customer’s visit to the website once they share contact details in the lead generation form.

Channel Partner Activation

Engaging the Channel Partner

  • Channel Partner engagement campaigns via email/SMS
  • SMS/Email Reminders and updates to Channel Partners

Measuring the activity of Channel Partners

  • Channel Partner Visibility
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Analytics on Broker Engagement and Performance

Enabling the Channel Partner

  • Channel Partner Enablement
  • Marketing Enablement
  • Operations Enablement

Customer Relationship Management

360° Customer Behavioural Profiles

Analyzing and creating customer personas on the basis of their recent purchases and website visits.

Archiving Data About Anonymous Visits

Storing the data of every anonymous visit on your website so as to guide them through the sales funnel.

Central Customer Database

Accumulating and managing data of all the customers in one place.


Integrating innovative game mechanics and online marketing to motivate user participation and drive sales.

Identification of Best Communication Channel

Identifying the most relevant and favourable communication channel for your business for reaching out to the consumers.


Advanced Behavioural Profiling

Building powerful consumer personas to create more relevant and personalized online offers.

Automation of Different Stages of Sales

Dedicated automation module for each stage of the sales process implementing the AIDA model to guide prospects through the sales funnel.

Automation Based on Behavioural and Transactional Data

Automation to target the consumers based on Recency, Frequency, Monetary Model by monitoring their transactional data.

Site Personalization

Creating customized experience for each site visit, by offering unique and tailored experienced according to their needs and desires.

Multi-Level Automation

Automated communication at multiple levels of the sales funnel to streamline the journey of a consumer from visiting the website to making a purchase.


Abandoned Cart Messages

  • Sending Static emails after abandoning cart
  • Sending Static text messages after abandoning cart
  • Sending personalised text messages after abandoning cart using personal data, demographic data and transactional data
  • Sending series of emails with products in cart with growing offers and discounts
  • Sending dynamic mails after abandoning cart and using data from past rebates and transactions

Automated Personalized Messages

  • Creation of email and text messages using enhanced client database
  • Email message content adapted to personal data
  • Newsletter filtering by demography
  • Newsletter with rebates for inactive customers

Auto Responders

Automated messages and emails sent to the customer once an action is taken.

Birthday Emails

Exclusive deals offered to the customer on their birthday to initiate a purchase.

Coupon Creator

Generate coupons exclusively for each customer.

Dedicated Campaigns for Defined Groups

  • Based on behavioural data
  • Based on transactional data
  • Based on reaction to communication
  • Based on price sensitivity

Emails and newsletters

Communication through emails and newsletters on a regular basis.

Enhancement of client satisfaction through different communication channel

Lead Nurturing

Fostering and strengthening relationship with leads at every stage of the sales funnel.

Personalized Banners and Messages

Unique banners and messages personalized for each customer.

Personalized Messages


Analysis of Campaigns

Monitoring effectiveness of a campaign to tweak the strategies in run-time in order to yield positive results.

Effectiveness of Particular Channels in Gaining New Contacts

Mapping the effectiveness of marketing efforts on channels to pick the most profitable one for building new relationships with customers.

Analysis of Interests on the Product

Monitoring consumer’s interest in a product and taking measures to promote it.

Analysis of Lead Generation

Monitoring the types of leads gained through marketing efforts in order to nurture them at different stages and turn them into clients.

Analysis of Transactions

Analyzing the ticket size of each customer.

Sales funnel Analysis

Monitoring three stages of the sales funnel: Top, Middle and Bottom.

CLV Analysis

Monitoring and predicting the customer lifetime value to a business.

Conversion Measurement

  • Purchase
  • Registration
  • Join mail list
  • Sharing info to stay in contact

Identification and Analysis of Conversion Paths

Identifying and monitoring the channels from which a customer landed up on the website and made a purchase. This is done in order to emphasize more on the most effective channels.

RFM Analysis

Determining the behaviour of a customer on the basis of their recent purchase, frequency of purchase and money spent on purchase.

Identification and Analysis Customer Behaviour on Website

Mapping the footsteps of consumers on the website to know which section of the website is being visited the most.


  • Customer Behaviour
  • Demographic Data
  • Transactional Data

Email Analytics

Mapping the effectiveness of email marketing efforts to improve conversion rate.

Social Media Analytics

Analysing social media marketing campaigns to derive results and tweak in real time to incorporate current trends.


Customer Traveline

Predicting the next move of a customer with the implementation of marketing intelligence.

Forecasting Customer event conversion

Predicting the journey of a customer throughout a website based on the behaviour of their past visit.

Marketing Based on Likelihood-ness of Conversion

Communicating with the customer to convince them for investing in the property.


Content Management

Revenue Performance management

Analysing returns on internet marketing and mapping out which channels work best for your business. Then optimizing the promotional activities on the channels giving high return on investment.

Social Media Management

SEO Management

Digital Merchandising + Content Optimization

Managing brand image on digital platform and optimizing content from time to time to serve the best to the audience.

Performance Optimization

Organizational Change and Change Management

Recommending innovative technology within the organizational processes to bring about a change and training the employees for the same.